Kartik Swami Temple


Kartikeya temple is a type of Hindu temple where the main deity is Lord Kartikeya, one of the sons of prime Hindu deities Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.


Kartikswami Temple being the only temple of lord kartikeya in the Northern India. And with the majestic and serene environment we welcome you to the world of Himalayas in Uttarakhand where lies the one of the famous and holy the Kartikswami Temple. As the name denotes the Kartikswami Temple is dedicated to the elder son of Lord Shiva and Parvati who is kartikeya.

This famous and holy temple include worshipping of lord kartikeya. The temple is surrounded by brisk mountains and clouds. The structure of the temple is stunned and pleasing to eyes. The Kartikswami Temple is in pristine state the pure and untouched. The Kartikswami Temple is close to Rudraprayag and Kedarnath Dham.


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Uttarakhand is full of mysterious and full of stories of legends. Some are popular and not very repeated stories. Kartikswami Temple out of the various untold and mysterious stories held in Uttarakhand has also a unique story. One dates back to era the Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati has two sons - Lord Ganesha and lord kartikeya. They both have to complete a task which was given by lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. They were asked to take round of the universe seven times and the one who will complete the seven rounds of universe first will be more powerful and will get chance of worshipped first.

And lord kartikeya has ride of peacock and lord Ganesha has ride of rat (mushak).After this lord kartikeya with his ride was very confident about winning this race because he has the advantage of flying on his ride but the very well known lord Ganesha for his sharp mind joins his hands and start taking rounds around lord Shiva and Mata Parvati he take seven rounds and when Lord Shiva ask him why he dome so the. Lord Ganesha says my universe is my parents and I complete the circumambulate of universe seven times.

After listening to this Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati were proud and happy and declare lord Ganesha the powerful and smartest one . When lord Karthikeya came back and saw this he was enraged.

According to Puranas the angry Karthikeya leave Kailash Parvati and his parents and came to karonch Parvati. Some say that he was so furious about this that he sacrificed his physical self at karonch Parvati to appease his parents.

About Lord Karthikeya

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Another believes about Karthikeya is that he went to Srisailam in the Southern India. In Southern India lord kartikeya is is famous by name of Skanda and also has name apart from this which is Lord Muruga (Murugan) or Lord Subrahmanya.


Kartikswami Temple is located in karonch parvat and has trek of 3 kms from Kanakchauri village at Rudraprayag district of garhwal uttarakhand. This place also witness and captures the magnificent views of peaks including Kedarnath dham Chaukhamba peak, Neelkanth Parvat, Dronagiri, Nanda Ghunti, Nanda Devi and Meru & Sumeru Parvat.

The temple include gate with lots of bells on it and around the temple area and a peacock structure is also there which denotes the favourite ride of lord kartikeya.

The view is so soothing to eyes. Every season gives you different view like in the rainy days you can feel the temple floating above the clouds.

This location is mainly known for temple , religious site, trekking, sunset & sunrise, bird watching, and mesmerizing views.

This location is one of the most cleanest ever and croud free too. The snow cover peaks or mountains in winter gives you views of Himalayas and the pristine valley.

How to reach Kartikswami Temple

The easiest and fastest way to reach the temple is to take a bus from Haridwar/Rishikesh to Rudraprayag district uttarakhand. After reaching to Rudraprayag the starting point of trek the Kanakchauri village is only 40 km far. You can hire a taxi or can travel in Jeep which is the cheapest only for 50 rupees. After reaching to Kanakchauri village your 3 km trek get start. Even the beginners can easily trek and this route also include for a 80 stairs. You can complete your trek in approx. 2 to 3 hours.

  • By road:
    From Haridwar :- Haridwar -Rishikesh-Rudraprayag-Kanakchauri-Kartikswami Temple. From Dehradun:-Dehradun -Rishikesh-Rudraprayag-Kanakchauri-Kartikswami Temple

  • By air:
    You can take a flight for to reach destination at Jollygrant Airport Dehradun. After that you can take bus from there or can travel in any vehicles on rent like bike or scooty to explore more and straight reach to Rudraprayag and then from there to Kanakchauri and at last you can start your trek anytime you want.

  • By train:
    If you are travelling from train then there is no such railway facility by which you can reach you destination which is Kartikswami Temple. But there is a way you can stop at Rishikesh railway station and from there you can take a bus to Rudraprayag and from there to Kanakchauri and after reaching there you can start your trek according to your convenience.


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  • Watching sunset -sunrise:
    Beside with the beautiful scenery around the temple there is also a sight seeking activity you can do which is watching sunset or sunrise according to your preferences.

  • Trekking:
    People who loves adventures and trekking can come to this temple. There is trekking to reach at Kartikswami Temple which will boost you up.

  • Adventures:
    People who are seeking for some adventurous activities should come here. There is trekking, you can explore the nearby area, mountains.

  • Photoshoot:
    The beautiful scenery here attract people to take pictures. This area is a perfect spot for taking good memories. You can take pictures with temple, with the peacock statue, and with the surrounding. You can also take a drone shot .

  • Watching birds:
    One who is nature lover will surely enjoy the view but with that who !oves hearing chirping of birds can get chance to see different birds flying wonderfully in the sky and increasing the beauty of nature.

  • Camping:
    Although the area has hotels rooms but if you are a camping person and want some peace and privacy you can also do camping here for night in the nearby area and also beneficial for watching sunrise.

  • Village tourism :
    If you are searching for an exploration we suggest you to come here ,you can also explore the village area and the nearby places with a proper guidance.

  • Meditation:
    One who is tired from his/her work and stress and want peace can come here for calm composed environment and can meditate too.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kartikswami Temple is during Kartik Purnima which is celebrated between the time period of October and November. You can also be a part of kalash yatra here which is held in the month of June. Its all worth it to come anytime for this serene atmosphere and for the mesmerizing views but the view in winters is scenic.

Best time: January - June ; October - December

Nearby places for travelling:

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    Situated in the Himalayan mountains of Garhwal Uttarakhand. Rudranath ia a Hindu temple . The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is the second temple to be visited in Panch dham. This temple is situated in high altitude, located at 3600 m (11800ft)above sea level.

  • Kedarnath:
    Kedarnath temple is a Hindu Temple located at Himalayan range at Garhwal Uttarakhand. This temple is one of the twelve jyotirlinga of Shiva. The temple is open for public between the months of April and November. During winters the doors of the temple are closed. There is a trek of 22 km uphill from Gaurikund. Kedarnath is the initial and one of the dham out of char dham. Read more about Kedarnath Temple

  • Chopta:
    One of the region for trekking is chopta . Chopta is a area full of evergreen forest. It is located in Uttarakhand. Chopta includes Trek towards the third destiny out of the chat dham “The Tungnath “. Tungnath is lies 3.5 km away.
    This is situated in the laps of Himalayan ranges of uttrakhand. You can also see Trishul,Nanda Devi and Chaukhamba . It is located at a height of 2709m above sea level.

  • Ukhimath:
    Ukhimath situated in a distance of 41 km from Rudraprayag. During winters the idols of kedarnath temple are bring here and worshipped for 6 months. It is a centre of attraction which link and come in way of all the char dham.It is one of the picturesque place. With the kedarnath idol the idol of Madhyamaheshwar temple is also brought here for worshipping in winter period.
    It is located in Rudraprayag district of Garhwal Uttarakhand. You can also enjoy the famous Madhyamaheshwar mela here.